Restaurants of the Community of Alcazaba Beach

Dear owners,

Mr. Francisco Beltran, concessionaire through his company Lafran S.L. of the restaurants of the Community of Alcazaba Beach has terminated yesterday the contract in force with the Community informing that he wishes to retire. The Board of Directors has tried to persuade him to continue at least until the conclusion of the contract, but perhaps the difficulties encountered recently in hiring employees and the situation created by the lack of license have influenced in his decision to cancel the contract and retire. The Board of Directors thanks him for the management he and his team have carried out for so many years.

We have opened an independent tender for the concession of each of the two restaurants, the main one located in phase 2 and the beach one located in phase 1.
We invite all owners to submit any candidates they deem suitable and with an interest in these concessions.


The Board of Directors of the Alcazaba Beach Community.

Presentation of Florencia Galdós, secretary-receptionist
Adelaida Jiménez