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COVID-19 Booking Restrictions

Due to the restrictive measures imposed by the Government in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, we are obliged to reduce by 35% the number of sunbeds available this summer. By doing this, we believe that we can meet the social distancing requirements for the space between sunbeds.

Consequently there will be fewer sunbeds available, and since we do not know whether the number will be sufficient this summer, an additional restriction will be applied when booking sunbeds.

All reservations of sunbeds are required to be paid for at the time of reservation, preferably by online payment.

During July and August, if there is a shortage of sunbeds we will have to cancel those bookings that have not yet been paid for, in order to be able to offer sunbeds to other co-owners who would like to book.

Therefore; to ensure that your sunbed(s) are actually available when you arrive in Alcazaba Beach, we must ask you to pay directly online when making your booking or alternatively, you can also make a payment by bank transfer immediately after booking your sunbed(s), stating the relevant order number.

Please be aware that reservation requests by email, fax or telephone can NOT be serviced.